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In accordance with the electronic communication act, everyone who visits a website that uses cookies, is to be informed that the website contains cookies and the purpose for using cookies. Visitors must also give their consent to the use of cookies. We explain in more detail below how we use cookies and what choices you can make with regard to our cookies.

Please also see our Privacy Policy for how we manage your personal data.


Cookies consist of small text files. These text files contain data that are stored on the visitor’s computer when you visit a website. The files store information that can be read by the website if you visit again on a later occasion. Certain cookies are necessary for the website to work properly and give the visitor access to different functions. Other cookies are used to improve your visitor experience and to make navigation on the website easier.


P.J. Jonsson & Söner use cookies for several purposes. The cookies we use improve the services we offer you. Some of our services need cookies to work, while others are there to make our services more convenient for you. Generally speaking, we categorize our cookies and how we use them as follows:

  • First party cookies are cookies created by P.J. Jonsson & Söner on our own website.
    Session cookies are an example of first party cookies.

      • Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted at the end of the session when you close your browser. We use session cookies for example, to offer basic services on the website that would not work without these cookies.
  • Third party cookies are analysis cookies that belong to Google Inc. These analysis cookies provide general analytical data on how you use our services, such as how you use our website and which website pages you visit. These cookies enable us to improve the user experience for you, based on statistics. For more information, see Google Analytics privacy policy


Before we can retrieve or store cookies, we first have to obtain your consent. By continuing to use our website, you accept the use of cookies.

In the event P.J. Jonsson & Söner starts using other kinds of cookies that collect personal data on you, we will not disclose such personal data to another party. You will also be informed of the use of new cookies and asked to give your consent to store these cookies before they are stored on your computer.

You can, at any time, change the privacy settings in your browser to block cookies being stored. You can, for example, block all cookies, only accept first party cookies, or delete cookies when you close your browser. For how to block cookies, see the instructions in each respective browser. Chrome, Safari, Firefox

However, please bear in mind that certain services on our website can stop working if you block or delete cookies.